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About us

Network equipment in the Net-Server online store
The store specializes in selling devices without which a computer network simply could not exist. Network equipment covers a wide range of segments, including routing, switching, wireless communication, and more. The store's catalog also features high-quality server equipment from leading global manufacturers.

Modern technology does not tolerate single-tasking. The latest generation devices can be versatile and excellently adaptable.

Passive network equipment
To understand the details, it is necessary to delve into the network equipment. Professionals look for active and passive equipment. In the first case, it refers to a device distinguished by some "intelligent" formulation. Examples include routers and switches.

Passive network equipment serves several purposes and is calculated using basic methods.

The following types of equipment are distinguished:

- Cabinets;
- Racks;
- Cables;
- Plugs and sockets;
- Optical patch panels (environments and patch panels with 24 ports);
- Boxes;
- Couplings;
- Various accessories.

Server equipment. Rules of use
Before purchasing network equipment, it is necessary to consider the peculiarities of each of them. It is essential to understand that this is a device that ensures the transmission of information in a computer system. Transmission can be both local and global.

To connect the equipment, you should first lay the cable and only then proceed to the main connection actions. In cases where cable power is not possible, a wireless option is ideal.

Our online store offers the following products:

- Server cabinets and racks;
- Necessary components;
- Accessories;
- Tools, such as a tester, etc.;
- Boxes, brackets, and skirting boards;
- Cable.

Device maintenance
It is not enough just to buy server equipment; it is also important to know how to take care of it correctly. To ensure a long and trouble-free service life, certain rules must be followed.

Quality device and component maintenance involves the following activities:

- A monitoring system capable of tracking any changes online and reacting to them promptly;
- Round-the-clock support from qualified technicians for year-round repairs;
- Software updates that help fine-tune the device to the latest changes;
- Network equipment prices are not considered budgetary, so it is strongly recommended to conduct scheduled maintenance;
- A personal engineer who knows the project better than anyone else and is ready to eliminate emergency situations in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of the Net-Server network equipment online store
The Net-Server network equipment online store offers only high-quality professional equipment at a very affordable price. The store's capabilities include dealers of global brands specializing in the production of hardware and software complexes and their components.

Thanks to us, you can not only purchase the best network equipment in Ukraine but also organize delivery.

The self-pickup service is available for residents of Kyiv. Guaranteed fast delivery throughout Ukraine, regardless of the region of residence.